Bathroom Remodeling Services


Bathroom Remodeling Services
Affordable Arizona bathroom remodeling services by the plumbing experts at All Vees Plumbing.

According to the vast majority of homeowners, the second most important room in the house, and the most likely room after the kitchen that homeowners would like to remodel or upgrade, is their bathroom. This is an area where All Vee’s Plumbing Services truly shines as a contractor.

With over a decade of performing Arizona bathroom remodels in and around the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa and many cities across the Valley, always making sure that the client receives a superior level of workmanship, quality, and dedication by making sure each project is completed to the client’s expectations.

All Vee’s Plumbing Services attention to even the smallest detail and listening to our clients’ wants with their North Phoenix bathroom remodel creates a great working relationship with our clients, which, in turn, makes the project run smoother. Here, at All Vee’s, we understand that the most important element of our business is our clients, because without them, there would be no All Vee’s.

Before any of the bathroom remodeling starts, we make it a point to sit down with our clients and go over the entire project in great detail. By doing this, we have a greater understanding of what our client envisions, so there are no surprises, and they get the remodeled bathroom they always wanted. In conducting business this way, our clients become more satisfied with the project, evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of our bathroom projects have come from referrals from existing and previous clients.

One great thing about bathroom remodels these days is that there are no limits as to what can be done. Just about everything you can imagine, All Vee’s Plumbing can do because we have the expertise to put together a project plan that will not only fit your vision, but your budget, as well.

All Vee’s Plumbing Services can show you hundreds of styles of countertops and numerous tile patterns that will match your choice of counter-tops. Also, All Vee’s Plumbing has several top-level custom cabinet makers available to them, so you, as the client, can custom design your bathroom cabinets to fit your particular needs. And with custom cabinets, you will get a much deeper look, and they will wear much better. Another area where there are so many choices are faucets.

In this area, All Vee’s Plumbing can put together a small group to look at based on what type of cabinet and counter-top you choose, ones that will match your choices and enhance your bathroom. When it comes to what type of shower you would like for your bathroom, the sky’s the limit as far as All Vee’s is concerned. All Vee’s can customize your shower to any size you may want, and we can install multiple shower heads, and the shower fittings can be of the bronze, gold, or chrome type instead of the less traditional metal or plastic. Also, we can show you many types of shower tiles or stones to make your shower unique. We believe that your bathroom can be a very relaxing place to spend time in, so our goal is to make your bathroom as relaxing, stylish, and elegant as possible.

In remodeling or performing upgrades to your bathroom, having the plumbing work performed by the professional staff at All Vee’s Plumbing will ease any of those fears you may have about any plumbing problems, since All Vee’s has remodeled more than 100 bathrooms in the past four years, alone. Once you make the decision to remodel your bathroom, let our professional and experienced staff help you design your dream bathroom.